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Our CIO services are about applying information technology to streamline your business model. We bring the subject matter expertise of experienced Tech Entrepreneurs that can bring new insights to your management team.

Strategic Plan Creation

Our strategic service plan takes an in depth look at your approach to information technology and its impact on your organization. The output is a 3 to 5 year plan for future investments in technology and training.

IT Operations Review

As part of our IT operations review we look at the people, process and tools that you have in place to ensure operational success.

Quality Management Workshop

Our quality management workshow will help you incorporate technology systems into your business model to measure and manage business performance.

Systems Review & Audit

Our information technology systems review looks at both the hardware and software systems you are currently using to operate your business and the underlying processes and technology that powers them. A key focus will be placed on problem areas in your business.

Vendor Management & Negotiations

Our subject matter experts assist you in structuring a RFP and source the best vendor for your requirements. We will work with you through vendor selection and negotiation to ensuring that the appropriate questions are asked and that terms are in alignment with your roadmap objectives.

Contract Renegotiations

Our Contract Review team has visibility into the pricing acoss our network of clients. We can review your contracts and renegotiate them in favorable terms that meet your objectives.

With a network of over 50 subject matter experts across multiple subject areas we can provide you with the expertise you need to advance your business.

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There is no better opportunity to learn about how to apply technology in your business than meeting with industry pros who can help make you successful. Lexcom offers two hour Whiteboard Sessions for free. They are one-on-one meetings where you can come in and get advice about anything. .